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Herbs and herbal cuisine

Herbal cuisine

Treasures from the Hochkönig natural environment

On the Hochkönig people have always retained a deep affinity to the natural environment. Renowned wild herbs gain more adherents and people have become more interested in the use of herbs as ingredients and remedies. Do you know the natural alternatives to Fenistil, Nutella or Maggi? In the Hochkönig region the are called “bad bites ointment”, Maria Alm alpine dandelion honey and Mühlbach herbal salt. During herbs tours and workshops you will get to know the fine herbs that build the foundation to these remedies and luxuriate here on the pastures and meadows. Climb the summit of indulgence – literally. 

Herbs tours and workshops

During guided herbs tours you will get to know mountain's arnica, yarrow, valerian and co. The Hochkönig region and the alpine herb pastures offer great offers and workshops during the alpine summer:

  • Every Tuesday: guided hikes to an alpine breakfast and Kas'n (cheese) at Mussbachalm
  • Every Wednesday: wild herbs tours at Obersteghof
  • Every Thursday: introduction to the ointment and cream production – taster courses at Obersteghof
  • Once a week herbal hikes in Mühlbach with hiking guide Silvia

Every alpine herb pasture and hut in the Hochkönig region offers different products, all traditionally produced and totally organic:

  • Tiergartenalm and Pronebenalm: Mühlbach herbal salt
  • Schweizerhütte: Mühlbach blueberry vinegar
  • Mussbachalm: Maria Alm “bad bites ointment” (Böse-Stiche-Salbe)
  • Arbesreitalm: Maria Alm dandelion honey
  • Königsbergalm: Dientner herbal tinctures
  • Grüneggalm: Dientner mountain's arnica tincture
  • … and many more! 

Box of Herbs

Busy “herbal hikers” can look forward to a great reward: the Hochkönig Box of Herbs, packed with herbal products and useful information for home. In order to get your Box of Herbs collect stickers in your herbs pass. You need five stickers, which are available at the alpine herb huts. Collect them after a nice beverage or a snack. Swap your full herbs pass for your Box of Herbs at the tourism offices in Maria Alm, Dienten or Mühlbach. Get your pass with all the information and hiking tips you need right at the Bergheimat reception.

Herbal cuisine at Bergheimat

At your Hotel Bergheimat, that was deservedly awarded as “Genusswirt Salzburg” (Salzburg indulgence host) and was given the AMA seal, lovely indulgence delights are created with various regional products as well as with herbs and spices from the Hochkönig region. With Pongau venison, on organic cheese or sprinkled over the dessert – every dish is perfectly complemented with the right herbs. Homemade elderflower lemonade is both delicious and refreshing. Your host Sieglinde makes it with elderflower that she herself collects and boils.

In oder to get to know Hochkönig's herbal diversity yourself, send your no obligation holiday enquiry to your 4-star Hotel Bergheimat in Mühlbach on the Hochkönig in the Salzburger Land! 

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