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Ski and wine bliss on the Hochkönig

Royal indulgence and sun skiing

The hosts at the huts in Salzburgerland don't only serve delicious delicacies, but also great wines. Gorgeous winter worlds and finest wines made from sun-ripened grapes – a perfect symbiosis! Convince yourself of the unique combination during the Ski Amadé ski and indulgence week in Salzburgerland as well as in selected shops and hotels, like the Bergheimat Hotel. Drink with your hosts to a wonderful winter holiday!

As a special highlight of the ski and wine indulgence week you can experience a special farmers' market. It takes place on various ski huts. Therefore your stop at the side of the piste becomes a visit to the market at the same time. Here a slice of bacon, there a noble schnapps: ski hut by ski hut and stall by stall you taste yourself through the culinary Salzburger Land. The local producers are also there and tell you about the making of their products and their characteristics.

At various events at the ski huts and also at the Bergheimat Hotel you can enjoy the best wines at the peak of the sun skiing season. At your ski hotel Sieglinde Kögl-Plenk will serve you many special Austrian wines from regional wine growing.

Ski and wine indulgence week at the Bergheimat Hotel

Ski and Wine Bliss in Austria

Every Sunday evening your hosts in Mühlbach invite you to a sociable welcome drink, where you will get information on your gourmet holiday week. After a candle light dinner you will experience Austrian sweetness: the young beekeeper family, the Mayrhofers, present their honey from the Hochkeil region as well as homemade mead wine. Delicacies that can of course be tasted right there and then.

Return from the pistes to the warm hotel on a Monday and find a wine tasting taking place with the certified sommelier Reinhard Hager from Wein Wolf.

After your dinner on Tuesdays we indulge you with lovely wines. You have the opportunity to taste and compare different Grüne Veltliner in 3-4 flights with three wines each. Andreas Felleis from the “Geheimen Specerey” in Salzburg leads you through the wine tasting.

On Wednesdays  your host will clip on her skis with you and she will take you to indulgence alpine huts. 

On Thursdays  you can enjoy selected red wines with your gourmet dinner on a festive table. Vintner Horst Gager from Winery Gager in Deutschkreuz in Mid-Burgenland will serve the corresponding wines.

On Fridays you wind up your day with a fondue evening which culminates in a cheese tasting as the saying goes: Cheese closes the stomach.

The Bergheimat team have of course created a themed wine package deal for you. Make your reservation for a room with a no obligation holiday enquiry today and we will see you in Mühlbach am Hochkönig in March!

Our tip: Indulge in something special during this week, like in the “Sweet Zirbe” Suite. Sleep heavenly and the first thing you will see in the morning will be the wonderful views over the Schneeberg.

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