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Hiking and customs during the Farmers' Autumn in Salzburgerland

Autumn is the time of hikes and customs on the Alps. During the summer the natural environment was characterised by lush, green grass, now you can see all sorts of colours that make the scenery almost look golden.

Autumn events on the Hochkönig

Experience the Salzburger Land

The days get shorter and the temperatures are more pleasant than in the summer but still warm enough for hikes. Many hiking enthusiasts see autumn as the best time for walks on the mountains. 

The harvest is brought to the farms and soon the Farmers' Autumn will start with all its parties, festivals and the traditional “Almabtrieb” when the cattle is brought back from the mountains to the villages. These days are perfect for a hike to the still open huts and alpine pastures and in the evening you will be able to witness the local traditions and customs in this beautiful mountain region.

Farmers' Autumn events in Mühlbach

Up until a couple of centuries ago the mountain people's wealth and life depended on the regional products and the harvest very much depended on the weather. No wonder that people have always been celebrating at the end of a good and successful summer. Today there are still many celebrations and events taking place around this time of the year – with music bands, Goaßschnalzern (whipcracking) and all that goes with it. You should not miss out on the traditional Almabtrieb, like from the Widdersbergalm, the Mitterfeldallm and the Bürglalm: cattle that spend the summer on the alpine pastures are brought back to their winter residences. Today it is a folklore festival, but in former times it used to be the relief about the fact that there had been no casualties during the Almabtrieb.

Experience the Salzburgerland Farmers' Autumn and the traditional events on the Hochkönig. Send your no obligation holiday enquiry to the Bergheimat Hotel: here you will stay in the middle of the fascinating hiking region and will be close to all the events.

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