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The Bergheimat spring

Spring water fresh from the Hochkönig

One of the mountains’ greatest natural treasures is water. Without having travelled long and far it gushes right from the springs to the benefit of the people who are lucky enough to live there. The Bergheimat Hotel is supplied by its own water source coming from the Hochkönig.

The spring water distinguishes itself by exceptional purity and clarity. Of course the water quality is regularly checked by experts. But there is more to it: the Bergheimat water is Grander water which is charged with special power and energy. So you enjoy the precious element in all its naturalness, energy and freshness.

Revitalised with the Grander method

Water from the hotel's own spring

A Grander water revitalisation device adds extra value to the spring water at the Bergheimat Hotel. According to the technique by Johann Grander the water structure is improved through the principle of information transfer. Therefore certain information and vibrations are transferred to the water which then gains stability and a high biological quality in a natural way. So you get water with a high internal order which carries additional power and energy in itself. Not only people benefit from the positive effects, but also animals prefer the revitalised water instinctively and plants stay fresh longer. You will recognise the water’s special quality by its fine taste and the pleasant, soft feeling on the skin and hair during baths and showers. You will discover the effect for yourself.

Water of a special quality

In all areas of the hotel you will come into contact with water from the Bergheimat spring. As a welcome on your arrival you will find a glass bottle filled with our fresh water which can be refilled anytime. Also at breakfast you will enjoy the freshly tapped spring water which is additionally energised with gemstones in the carafe. Of course you can also order our spring water at the restaurant where we add a little carbonic acid which produces a mildly effervescing sensation.

In our hotel pool you can dive off into the particularly soft and warm water. And if you have just left the sauna you will enjoy the Grander drinking water basin “Bergheimat spring – from the Hochkönig” where you can fill up on water. Those who like something warm from time to time can also help themselves at the tea bar.

Delight in the pure spring water from the Alps, coming straight from the Hochkönig and feel the difference of the revitalised spring water to normal tap water. A timeout in the mountains where the clocks run a bit slower, is exactly the thing that would agree with you? Then feel free to send us your no-obligation enquiry at the Bergheimat Hotel!

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