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Dear colleagues,

my name ist Winston, I am the Bergheimat´s hotel dog and i love to be visited by dogs.

My mommy´s hotel is not a dog hotel- but she told me that dogs from guests are very welcome here with us.

I have a few helpful informations for your parents by planning your holiday at the Bergheimat.
So listen carefully and be brave, then we will have a great time and no worries at all :-)

Our guests love the silence and relaxation at our hotel.
You are very welcome to join your parents during the meal times in the morning and evening, as well as afternoon lunch at the winter garden area. But please do not enter the main restaurant, this is just for humans.

Also make sure you bring your own loved fluffy coat or basket and your own meal with you. Very important is a muzzle- just for safety, if you have a bad day :-)
But believe me- you will be so graceful here, because there are so many things to discover and lots of wide fields to run (if you like to, we could run together sometime?)
My mommy will provide you with a goody and a pet bowl at your arrival.

We are charging € 15,- per day for you. You have to think about our diligent chamber mates, who are working hard on the cleaning of your hair. Hopefully your parents are OK with this.

And now guess what... ?
... direct infront of the hotel and around there are planty of ways and path´s you and your parents can discover.
I love to walk into the woods and smell many things, see beautiful birds and listen to the silence in there.
Sometimes there are walkers, and sometimes they don´t like seeing dogs running free, but then my mommy straps me into the leash and everything is fine.
i will tell you my favourite ways when you are here.

We will have a lot of fun I guess :-)

So for now I hope that my mommy, your parents host during your stay, was given you enough reasons to come to us.
Make sure I will be excited and high-spirited when I see you, but this is just because I want to welcome you and your parents.

All the best for now and see you at the Bergheimat,
with junior host





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Our Hotel Bergheimat is currently closed. We are always available for you (   +43 6644110158) and from 30 May 2020 we will start again fresh and lively in the summer season.

All further information on the current situation in the hotel can be found on our  blog. We look forward to see you again soon at the Hochkönig!