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Vegan cuisine on the Hochkönig

Vegan cuisine

Vegetable indulgence in the Salzburger Land

Veganism is booming. The vegan lifestyle finds more and more followers and enjoys great media presence. Some huts in the Hochkönig region have already reacted to this trend and serve, in addition to meat dumplings, Käsespätzle (tiny dumplings with cheese) and other Pinzgau delicacies, dishes that are free from any animal products. The menu at Hotel Bergheimat has also been enhanced with new vegan meals in oder to satisfy our vegan guests. 

Vegan at the alpine hut

Vegan and health-conscious mountain fans will rejoice: vegan dishes found their way on the menus of selected alpine huts in the Hochkönig region. Enjoy delicious sesame falafels with hummus and salad or lentil stew with fried onions and bread in order to recharge your batteries for the next day of skiing or hiking on the Hochkönig. Indulge in vegan cocktails with a good conscious and enjoy.

The following huts on the Hochkönig offer vegan delicacies for your indulgence:

  • Steinbockalm (Hochmais/Sinalcobahn)
  • Zachhofalm (Dachegg)
  • Wastlalm (Aberg)
  • Bärmooshütte (Abergbahn cable car)
  • Tischlerhütte (Aberg/Schönangerbahn cable car) 

Vegan at Hotel Bergheimat

At Hotel Bergheimat vegans will be healthily indulged. Specially marked vegan dishes are offered from breakfast to dinner. The Bergheimat cuisine crew prepares diverse and delicious vegan dishes with know-how and creativity.

By the way: all pubs, restaurants, alpine huts or ski huts that offer vegan dishes are labelled and certified with the V-label by the Austrian Vegan Association. 

A trend climbs a mountain

It can hardly be ignored that the vegan diet has already left the “dusty old seed corner” and has become a true lifestyle trend. The famous and successful vegan chef Attila Hildmann has definitely contributed a great part to this movement. His creations were in parts inspiration for the vegan delicacies on the Hochkönig. Passing the cliché of doctrinal ascetics: today's vegans are sportive and health-conscious. In cities vegan culinary offers spring up everywhere, and even the last “hearty meat bastions” -  the ski huts on the mountains - have been taken over by the vegan wave.

Come to the Salzburger Land and you will spend a holiday that also meets your culinary wishes. Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry today for your stay at Hotel Bergheimat. The team will immediately reply with an individual offer. 

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